Session Logfile with Verbose Data for Informatica Mapping Debugging

Johnson Cyriac Aug 31, 2013
Troubleshoot Informatica Mapping Using Verbose Mode Session Log
Debugger is a great tool to troubleshoot your mapping logic, but there are instances where we need to go for a different troubleshooting approach for mappings. Session log file with verbose data gives much more details than the debugger tool, such as what data is stored in the cache files, how variables ports are evaluated. Such information helps in complex tricky troubleshooting.

Informatica Performance Tuning Guide, Tuning and Bottleneck Overview - Part 1

Johnson Cyriac Aug 25, 2013
Informatica PowerCenter Performance Tuning A to Z Guide, Part I
Performance tuning process identifies the bottlenecks and eliminate it to get a better acceptable ETL load time. Tuning starts with the identification of bottlenecks in source, target, mapping and further to session tuning. It might need further tuning on the system resources on which the Informatica PowerCenter Services are running.

Mapping Debugger to Troubleshoot your Informatica PowerCenter ETL Logic

Johnson Cyriac Aug 17, 2013
Debug Informatica PowerCenter Mapping Using Debugger and Session Log File
Debugger is an integral part of Informatica PowerCenter mapping designer, which help you in troubleshooting the ETL logical error or data error conditions in an Informatica mapping. The debugger user interface shows the step by step execution path of a mapping and how the source data is transformed in the mapping. Features like "break points", "evaluate expression" makes the debugging process easy.

Dynamic Partitioning to Increase Parallelism Based on Resources Availability

Johnson Cyriac Aug 7, 2013
Informatica PowerCenter Dynamic Session Partitioning
Informatica PowerCenter session partition can be used to process data in parallel and achieve faster data delivery. Using Dynamic Session Partitioning capability, PowerCenter can dynamically decide the degree of parallelism. The Integration Service scales the number of session partitions at run time based on factors such as source database partitions or the number of CPUs on the node resulting significant performance improvement.

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