How to Use Error Handling Options and Techniques in Informatica PowerCenter

Johnson Cyriac Apr 7, 2014
Error Handling Options and Techniques in Informatica PowerCenter
Data quality is very critical to the success of every data warehouse projects. So ETL Architects and Data Architects spent a lot of time defining the error handling approach. Informatica PowerCenter is given with a set of options to take care of the error handling in your ETL Jobs. In this article, lets see how do we leverage the PowerCenter options to handle your exceptions.

How to Avoid The Usage of SQL Overrides in Informatica PowerCenter Mappings

Johnson Cyriac Mar 16, 2014
SQL Overrides in Informatica PowerCenter Mappings
Many Informatica PowerCenter developers tend to use SQL Override during mapping development. Developers finds it easy and more productive to use SQL Override. At the same time ETL Architects do not like SQL Overrides as it hide the ETL logic from metadata manager. In this article lets see the options available to avoid SQL Override in different transformations.

Data Security Using Informatica PowerCenter Data Masking Transformation

Johnson Cyriac Feb 28, 2014
Informatica Data masking Transactions
You might have come across scenario where in you do not have enough good data in your Development and QA regions for your testing purpose; and you are not allowed to copy over data from production environment due to the data security reasons. Now using Informatica PowerCenter data masking transformation you can overcome such scenarios. In this article, lets see the usage of masking transformation.

Transaction Control Transformation to Control Commit and Rollback in Your ETL

Johnson Cyriac Jan 29, 2014
Transaction Control Transformation to Control Commit and Rollback Transactions
In a typical Informatica PowerCenter workflow data is committed to the target table after a predefined number of rows are processed into target, which is specified in the session properties. But there are scenarios in which you need more control on the commits and rollbacks.  In this article, lets see how we can achieve this using Transaction Control Transformation.

Informatica PowerCenter Design Best Practices and Guidelines

Johnson Cyriac Jan 20, 2014
Design Approach to Handle Late Arriving Dimensions and Late Arriving Facts
A high-level systematic ETL design will help to build efficient and flexible ETL processes. So special care should be given in the design phase of your project. In following we will be covering the key points one should keep in mind while designing an ETL process. The following recommendations can be integrated into your ETL design and development processes to simplify the effort and improve the overall quality of the finished product.

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