Customize Your Target Flat File Column Headings Using Informatica Mapping

Johnson Cyriac Jun 12, 2012

character encoding in Informatica powercenter workflow
When you create flat file using a Power Center workflow, it creates the file with target table port name as the column headings, But you might need to change the column heading, which make more meaning to the column data before it can be given to the business users. Here in this article we will see how we can customize the target file column header.

As the first step lets Build the mapping which creates the flat file, like we have it in below image.

informatica power center mapping for dynamic flat file column heading

Now lets Create the workflow, Open the session in edit mode and navigate to the mapping tab and to the target properties. What we see below is the the default configuration.

power center session property

Change the configuration as it is  in the below picture to customize the target column heading.

informatica power center mapping for dynamic flat file column heading

Note :  You will have to change the "Header Command" based on your operation system and the column heading you need.

You are all done with the required configuration for Target File Column Customization and here is the output file looks like


Click Here to download the Source Code, Sample Data and other relevant file.

Hope this tutorial was helpful. Please leave you questions and commends, I will be more than happy to help you

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