Event Wait Task for Dynamically Changing File Names

Johnson Cyriac Aug 26, 2012
Event Wait Task for Dynamically Changing File in Informatica powercenter workflow
Whenever we schedule an Informatica Workflow, most of the times even before the actual session can run, we need to check some prerequisites like, successful completion of source system data loads, arrival of source data files etc.  Informatica PowerCenter Workflow Manager provides task such as ‘Timer’, ‘Event Wait’, Event Raise’ for such validations and checks.  In this article lets see how we can configure ‘Event Wait’ task to check the existence for a file with dynamically changing name.

Understand Informatica PowerCenter Mapping Designer

Johnson Cyriac Aug 22, 2012
Informatica Mapping Designer
A mapping is a set of source and target definitions linked by transformation objects that define the rules for data transformation. Mappings represent the data flow between sources and targets. When the Integration Service runs a session, it uses the instructions configured in the mapping to read, transform, and write data.

Extracting Information from the Source File Name can Never be Easier

Johnson Cyriac Aug 16, 2012
Extracting Information from the Source File Name in Informatica powercenter workflow
Many times we get data files from different sources and the source file name itself might contain some valid information like 'file creation date', 'file generated department name', 'region name' etc... We used to use Unix script to extract such information from the file name, but we don't have to write such scripts anymore. In this article let's look at the option provided by Informatica PowerCenter to extract information from the source file name.

Use CHECKSUM Number to Make the LookUp Transformation Simple

Johnson Cyriac Aug 13, 2012
CHECKSUM Number in Informatica powercenter workflow
Lookup is one of the frequently used transformations in Informatica PowerCenter. This transformation is considered to be relatively simple, but at times this can become complex because of the amount of data to be cached, number of columns used in the lookup condition, checks on columns fetched from lookup table etc... In this article lets see how we can take care of couple of these issues using CHECKSUM number.

Understand Informatica PowerCenter Target Designer

Johnson Cyriac Aug 8, 2012
Informatica  PowerCenter Target Designer
We spoke about the Source Analyzer in one of our previous posts.  After we create source definition using Source Analyzer, target schema should be created. This can be designed in the Target Designer tool in PowerCenter. The Target Designer provides a user interface for creating and customizing the logical target schema. Target definitions can be customized as needed and when the customization is complete, we can create the physical targets in the database from SQL scripts executed from the Target Designer.

SCD Type 2 Implementation using Informatica PowerCenter

Johnson Cyriac Aug 3, 2012
Slowly Changing Dimension Type 2 in Informatica powercenter workflow
Slowly Changing Dimension Type 2 also known SCD Type 2 is one of the most commonly used type of Dimension table in a Data Warehouse.  SCD Type 2 dimension loads are considered to be complex mainly because of the data volume we process and because of the number of transformation we are using in the mapping. Here in this article, we will be building an Informatica PowerCenter mapping to load SCD Type 2 Dimension.

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