Re-Runnability for Informatica ETL Processes Which Uses Mapping Variables

Johnson Cyriac May 19, 2013
Re-Runnability for ETL Processes Which Uses Mapping Variables
Informatica PowerCenter mapping variable can be effectively used to implement change data capture logic. The mapping variable is stored in the repository and its value is set to the new value only when the session execution is successful. This property makes the restartability of the ETL process easy. Since the last success point - variable value, is stored in repository, we cannot go back and reprocess an already processed data set.  In this article lets see how we can handle overriding the mapping variable value.

Rank Transformation to find TOP or BOTTOM Ranked Data Sets

Johnson Cyriac May 14, 2013
SCD Type 4, a Solution for Rapidly Changing Dimension
Rank Transformation can be used to rank record sets and return records with the largest or smallest rank with in a group based on a port value. You can also use a Rank transformation to return the strings at the top or the bottom of an ordered data. In this article lets discuss a practical application of Informatica Power Center Rank Transformation.

Build Reusable Code in Informatica PowerCenter Using Mapplets

Johnson Cyriac May 5, 2013
SCD Type 4, a Solution for Rapidly Changing Dimension
Reusability is a great feature in Informatica PowerCenter which can be used by developers. Its general purpose is to reduce unnecessary coding which ultimately reduces development time and increases supportability. In this article lets see how we can build mapplet in Informatica PowerCenter to make your code reusable.

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