Processing Multibyte Characters Like UNICODE Characters in Fixed Width Files

Johnson Cyriac Jun 30, 2013
Working with Multibyte Data in Fixed-Width Filess
Processing fixed width file in Informatica PowerCenter is not a big deal. But this can be bit tricky if the fixed file contins both multi byte and single byte characters such as unicode characters. This is because of the fact that fixed width flat files are byte oriented, which means the field width is measured in bytes. So if a single character takes two bytes for its representation, it will be treated as width two. In this article, lets see how such files are handled in Informatica PowerCenter.

Pipeline Lookup Transformation, Beyond Relational and Flat File Data Sources

Johnson Cyriac Jun 23, 2013
Pipeline Lookups, Beyond Relational and Flat FIle Data Sources
Lookup transformation is synonymous to SQL outer join, which is primarily used for relational and flat file data source lookups. But with the introduction of pipeline lookup, we can use all variety of data sources in the lookup transformation. This feature is really powerful just like Active Lookup Transformation. In this article lets see how pipeline lookup transformation can be configured in a mapping.

User Defined Functions in Informatica PowerCenter

Johnson Cyriac Jun 9, 2013
Re-Runnability for ETL Processes Which Uses Mapping Variables
Reusability is a great feature in Informatica PowerCenter which can be used by developers. Its general purpose is to reduce unnecessary coding which ultimately reduces development time and increases supportability. User Defined Functions is one among the reusability feature provided by Informatica PowerCenter. In this article lets understand User Defined Functions in detail.

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