Informatica HTTP Transformation, The Interface Between ETL and Web Services

Johnson Cyriac Sep 30, 2013
Informatica SQL Transformation
In a matured data warehouse environment, you will see all sorts of data sources, like Mainframe, ERP, Web Services, Machine Logs, Message Queues, Hadoop etc. Informatica has provided a variety of connector to get data extracted from such data sources. Using Informatica HTTP transformation, you can make Web Service calls and get data from web servers. We will have this transformation explained in this article with a use case.

Informatica SQL Transformation, SQLs Beyond Pre & Post Session Commands

Johnson Cyriac Sep 24, 2013
Informatica SQL Transformation
SQL statements can be used as part of pre or post SQL commands in a PowerCenter workflow. These are static SQLs and can run only once before or after the mapping pipeline is run. With the help of SQL transformation, we can use SQL statements much more effectively to build your ETL logic. In this tutorial lets learn more about the transformation and its usage with a real time use case.

Informatica Java Transformation to Leverage the Power of Java Programming

Johnson Cyriac Sep 17, 2013
Informatica Java Transformation
Java is, one of the most popular programming languages in use, particularly for client-server web applications. With the introduction of PowerCenter Java Transformation, ETL developers can get their feet wet with Java programming and leverage the power of Java. In this article lets learn more about Java Transformation, its components and its usage with the help of a use case.

Informatica Performance Tuning Guide, Identify Performance Bottlenecks - Part 2

Johnson Cyriac Sep 8, 2013
Informatica Performance Tuning Guide, Identify Performance Bottlenecks - Part 2
In our previous article in the performance tuning series, we covered the basics of Informatica performance tuning process and the session anatomy. In this article we will cover the methods to identify different performance bottlenecks. Here we will use session thread statistics, session performance counter and workflow monitor properties to help us understand the bottlenecks.

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