Informatica PowerCenter on Grid for Greater Performance and Scalability

Johnson Cyriac Oct 31, 2013
Informatica PowerCenter Workflows on Grid for Performance and Scalability
Informatica has developed a solution that leverages the power of grid computing for greater data integration scalability and performance. The grid option delivers the load balancing, dynamic partitioning, parallel processing and high availability to ensure optimal scalability, performance and reliability. In this article lets discuss how to setup Infrmatica Workflow to run on grid. 

Time Zones Conversion and Standardization Using Informatica PowerCenter

Johnson Cyriac Oct 23, 2013
Time Zones Conversion and Standardization Using Informatica PowerCentern
When your data warehouse is sourcing data from multi-time zoned data sources, it is recommended to capture a universal standard time, as well as local times. Same goes with transactions involving multiple currencies. This design enables analysis on the local time along with the universal standard time. The time standardization will be done as part of the ETL, which loads the warehouse. In this article lets discuss about the implementation using Informatica PowerCenter.

Dynamically Changing ETL Calculations Using Informatica Mapping Variable

Johnson Cyriac Oct 16, 2013
Informatica SQL Transformation
Quite often we deal with ETL logic, which is very dynamic in nature. Such as a discount calculation which changes every month or a special weekend only logic. There is a lot of practical difficulty in making such frequent ETL change into production environment. Best option to deal with this dynamic scenario is parametrization. In this article let discuss how we can make the ETL calculations dynamic.

Informatica Performance Tuning Guide, Resolve Performance Bottlenecks - Part 3

Johnson Cyriac Oct 8, 2013
Informatica Performance Tuning Guide
In our previous article in the performance tuning series, we covered different approaches to identify performance bottlenecks. In this article we will cover the methods to resolve different performance bottlenecks. We will talk about session memory, cache memory, source, target and mapping performance turning techniques in detail.

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