Informatica PoweveCenter, ETL and Data Warehousing Training

Informatica Cloud Designer for Advanced Data Integration On the Cloud
We have been consistently getting request from our reader for personalized trainings on ETL, data warehousing and Informatica PowerCenter. Keeping you in mind have started an online training to help with your training request. We believe this training initiative will help jump start many of your ETL and Informatica journey. 

Training Content

The training is designed to cover all the important aspects of Informatica PowerCenter, Data warehousing and ETL development, relevant for any one to start working in a professional environment. The course primarily covers the following. 
      • Data warehouse basics concepts and ETL process.
      • Understand Informatica Designer and building mapping.
      • Workflow Manager Fundamentals and Building Workflow
      • Mapping and Workflow Performance turning and optimization.
      • Informatica PowerCenter Administration.

Training Schedule

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About the Trainer

Our Trainer is an ETL Developer with over 7 years of ETL design and development experience using Informatica PowerCenter versions 6,7,8 and 9. He is an experienced Informaica PowerCenter administrator and experienced in installation and configure on different operating systems. He is also experienced in SQL and PL/SQL development and worked on different database environments such as Oracle, DB2, Teradata and MS SQL Server.