Understand Informatica PowerCenter Source Analyzer

Johnson Cyriac Jul 29, 2012
Informatica  PowerCenter Source Analyzer
In one of our previous article, we got to know the different client components of Informatica PowerCenter.  Source Analyzer - The first tool in PowerCenter Designer,  is used to identify the sources that will be used to build the data mart or warehouse and create definitions for those sources. Source definitions describe the sources that are going to be providing data to the warehouse. There are different ways to create source definitions.

Informatica PowerCenter Client Tools Overview

Johnson Cyriac Jul 25, 2012
Informatica PowerCenter Client Tools
The PowerCenter Client consists of applications that developers use to design mappings, mapplets, create sessions and workflows to load the data, and monitor workflow progress. In this article, lets discuss about the following applications and tools, which is used by developers during the development process.

ETL Design approach to Update Huge Tables

Johnson Cyriac Jul 23, 2012
Design approach to Update Huge Tables in Informatica powercenter workflow
One of the issue we come across during the ETL design is "Update Large Tables".  This is a very common ETL scenarion especially when you treat with large volume of data like loading an SCD Type 2 dimension table.  Here in this article lets discuss an approach to update Larger tables using Informatica Mapping.

Design Approach to Ensure High Data Availability During Data Refresh

Johnson Cyriac Jul 18, 2012
Design approach to ensure high data availability during data refresh
Many times we create snapshot tables and do build reporting on top of it. Refreshing the underlying table became difficult, if the report needs to be available 24x7 with out any down time. The refresh process can be a major design bottleneck, if in case the refresh takes hours. In this article lets discuss a design approach to make the target table data highly available.

Error Handling Made Easy Using Informatica Row Error Logging

Johnson Cyriac Jul 15, 2012
Error Handling made easy in Informatica powercenter workflow
Every time we start with a Data Warehouse or Data Integration project we spent lot of time defining our error handling approach. Still there are good chances that we might miss some scenarios because of unexpected data issues. Here in this article, lets us discuss an approach to handle the unexpected error.

Processing high precision numbers in Informatica PowerCenter

Johnson Cyriac Jul 8, 2012
High Precision Number
Quite often we process very large numbers in our mapping, like Credit Card Numbers, Bank Account Number or even some scientific numbers which needs high precision. Informatica PowerCenter can process numbers up to 15 digit precision without having high precision configuration. We can't treat bigger numbers more than 15 digits as normal numbers, treating so will lead to truncation or rounding of the numbers. In this tutorial we will see how we can process high precision numbers in Informatica PowerCenter and general guidelines for using high precision configuration.

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