Informatica PowerCenter Pushdown Optimization a Hybrid ELT Approach

Johnson Cyriac Jul 30, 2013
Informatica PowerCenter Pushdown Optimization an ELT Approach
Informatica Pushdown Optimization Option increases performance by providing the flexibility to push transformation processing to the most appropriate processing resource. Using Pushdown Optimization, data transformation logic can be pushed to source database or target database or through the PowerCenter server.  This gives the option for the ETL architect to choose the best of the available resources for data processing.

Implementing Informatica PowerCenter Session Partitioning Algorithms

Johnson Cyriac Jul 20, 2013
Implementing Different Informatica PowerCenter Session Partitioning Algorithms
Informatica PowerCenter Session Partitioning can be effectively used for parallel data processing and achieve faster data delivery. Parallel data processing performance is heavily depending on the additional hardware power available. In additional to that, it is important to choose the appropriate partitioning algorithm or partition type. In this article lets discuss the optimal session partition settings.

Informatica PowerCenter Partitioning for Parallel Processing and Faster Delivery

Johnson Cyriac Jul 16, 2013
Informatica PowerCenter Session Partitioning for parallel processing
In addition to a better ETL design, it is obvious to have a session optimized with no bottlenecks to get the best session performance. After optimizing the session performance, we can further improve the performance by exploiting the under utilized hardware power. This refers to parallel processing and we can achieve this in Informatica PowerCenter using Partitioning Sessions.

Informatica Workflow Recovery with High Availability for Auto Restartable Jobs

Johnson Cyriac Jul 8, 2013
Informatica Workflow Recovery with High Availability for Auto Restartable Jobs
Restartable ETL jobs are very crucial to job failure recovery, supportability and data quality of any ETL system. In one of our prior articles we discussed different design techniques for ETL restartability, independent of the ETL tool used. We can also implement restartability in an ETL job using Informatica PowerCenter workflow recovery capabilities. In this article lets see what is required to setup an informatica workflow for recovery.

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