About DISoln
DISoln.Org provides tutorials on real time ETL and Data Warehousing scenarios using Informatica PowerCenter through videos, training manual with self explanatory and easy to follow steps. Our tutorials and training provides all the documentation, training manual and scripts required for you to get started yourself and complete the training with enterprise ready experience.

The Author

Author of this blog is an ETL Architect working for a leading financial institute in Bay Area California. This blog is aimed to provide Training and Tutorials on ETL and Data Warehousing using Informatica PowerCenter with real life scenarios. The ideas, techniques and tips presented in this blog are practical technical solutions to real-world business problems that has been executed and proven in commercial production environments. Hope this blog will help you in your ETL, Data Warehousing, Informatica journey.

Contact us @ info@disoln.org for any further information that might be of your interest.